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40 LED Fantasia Fairy Light Garland


The 40 LED Fantasia Fairy Light Garland is a garland of 40 LEDs, with varying lengths of strands, all emanating from one point. In addition, smaller strands branch out from the main strands. You can use these in a bundle or spread them out to cover an area. This product can be used under water as long as the battery pack and connecting wire remain dry (submerge only from the silver wire on). Uses 3 x D cell batteries (sold separately).

  • Perfect for centerpieces
  • Perfect for flower arrangements
  • Silver strand can be put in water (not battery pack)
  • Use as lights for small trees or shrubs
  • Use around edge of table, ceiling, doorway
  • Portable
  • Thin, flexible, and easily manuevered

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