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Alcohol FX Palettes


Ben Nye Alcohol Activated Primary FX Palette is waterproof, extremely durable, non-toxic and produces ultra-realistic effects. Create body art and unlimited designs with primary shades. Activate with 99% alcohol for lasting, quick-dry color. Remove, clean with alcohol then soap and water. It is best to moisturize the skin after cleaning.

Size: 6gm/0.2oz



  • Primary FX AAP01 - black, red, yellow, blue, white
  • Bruise Palette AAP03 - dark burgundy, golden yellow, violet, olive green, midnight blue
  • Tooth Palette AAP05 - black, nicotine, fresh blood, green rot, decay
  • Undead Palette AAP09 - rice paper, vein tone, lividity, dark grey, vile bile
  • Body Art Palette AAP07 - vintage black, rose red, green, bright yellow, vintage green
  • Heavy Metal AAP31 - Silver, copper, mayan gold, iridium green, bronze

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