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Creme Rouge


Ben Nye's Creme Rouges deliver! Intense pigment formulated into a supple creme that blends harmoniously into bare skin or makeup. You'll find you won't need to layer with a powder rouge or reapply; Ben Nye's Creme Rouges provide outstanding pigmentation for hours and hours of wear! Control your color concentration with less or more creme.

Size: 0.25oz / 7gm. Yield 35-125 applications.

Creme Rouge Part Numbers: 

  • Carnation Pink - CR-0
  • Red - CR-1
  • Dusty Rose - CR-2
  • Sandy Rose - CR-3
  • Natural - CR-35
  • Dusty Mauve - CR-38
  • Raspberry - CR-4
  • Dark Tech - CR-5
  • Coral - CR-7
  • Blush Coral - CR-8
  • Red Rocks - CR-9

Creme Rouge Reviews

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Ben nye creme rouge

Posted by Orchid on Sep 26th 2017

I use this rouge with Ben nye foundation and highlighter creme. It's the perfect rouge and blends in effortlessly. I'm a mermaid and this stays on whether I'm swimming or on land. Totally waterproof! I ordered this online from Hollywood Lights and it was delivered right away! There were even some samples in the box! Thank you Hollywood Lights!

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