Attention High School Seniors! We Want to Give YOU $5,000!

Attention High School Seniors! We Want to Give YOU $5,000!

On Nov 9th 2017

If you are a high school senior located in either Oregon or Washington who has a love for Performing Arts, Hollywood Lights has an exciting opportunity you won't want to miss out on!

In December of 2016, Hollywood Lights decided that we wanted to find a way to give back, and get more involved in our community. Specifically, we wanted to pay extra attention to our theatre communities, and figure out a way that we could support them unconditionally. 

On almost a daily basis, we interact with customers from all realms of the theatre community. Whether they're actors, makeup artists, theatre directors, or high school drama teachers, these customers play a big role in the Hollywood Lights sales department, and make up a very large percentage of the customers that stop by and purchase from us on a regular basis. Because of this, we feel a great connection with our local theatre communities, and felt that we needed to do our part in recognizing all the hard working individuals who are chasing after their dreams and pursuing what they're passionate about - Performing Arts. 

This brought us to the conclusion that, not only did we want to invest in the theatre community, but we wanted to invest in high school students. This prompted us to launch our Performing Arts Scholarship Program, where we would give two high school seniors (one in Oregon and one in Washington) a $5,000.00 college scholarship to pursue their dreams of becoming an actor, lighting tech, stage-hand, and everything in between. 

With the incredible response we received from our first program, and the overwhelming amount of applications that poured in, Hollywood Lights is very excited to announce that we've renewed the Performing Arts Scholarship Program for another year! 

So, if you're a high school senior who is currently enrolled in a drama class, and you want to further your Performing Arts studies throughout college, we want to give YOU a $5,000.00 scholarship!

To get more information, and to submit an application, head over to our website. You can also take a look at the winners from last year's scholarship program! 

The application closes April 2018. Submit yours now!