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BlueBeam LV


Backstage light only where it's needed

BlueBeam is a dimmable, directional LED worklight that is perfect for high-level installations. Available in multiple beam angles, BlueBeam can illuminate loading galleries, upstage crossovers, scenery docks and fly rails from a distance of up to 50 feet.

General Information:

• Directional beam for precision focusing
• 3 Watt LED
• Single Color Blue LED
• Available in VNSP, NSP, MFL and WFL beam angles
• Optional light spill control accessories available
• Supplied with choice of 4” junction box adapter plate (square, round or octagon) 

BluesSystem is an award-winning line of low-voltage LEDs that provide dimmable blue running lights for tight spaces-- such as catwalks, stairways, backstage areas and hallways -- that require discrete, safe illumination during live productions. 

The BluesSystem LV Power Supply is required for operation of the BlueBeam. LV Power Supplies come in two sizes, 1 zone or 6 zone, with each zone capable of controlling up to 10 luminaires.

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