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BlueDome LV


BlueDome is an omni-directional, dimmable LED running light that is ideal for low-level installations such as stairwells, lobbies, wing spaces, backstage and seating areas. BlueDome is available in a frosted or semi-opaque finish and can be made to suit your exact application with a variety of custom colors.

The BluesSystem LV Power Supply is required for operation of the BlueBeam. LV Power Supplies come in two sizes, 1 zone or 6 zone, with each zone capable of controlling up to 10 luminaires

BlueDome can be installed easily, saving you time, money and hassle. BlueDome ships with a custom plate that attaches to several styles of standard backbox, allowing it to be mounted to walls or conduit assemblies. To avoid light spillage, simply add the optional cowl mask or eyelid accessory to the BlueDome.

• Dome lens for omni-directional light dispersion
• 3 Watt LED
• Single Color Blue LED
• Available with either frosted or semi-opaque lens
• Optional light spill control accessories available
• Supplied with choice of 4” junction box adapter plate (square, round or octagon) 

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