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Rosco Standard Color Glass Gobos are one of the industry mainstays when it comes to theatrical lighting effects. They are placed between the light source and lens in fixtures capable of optical focusing. The gobo pattern is then projected onto a background or reflective surface at the desired level of sharpness.

These quality gobos are available in a myriad of effects such as "Abstract", "Break-up" "Rotation", and "Scene". Whether you prefer color or black and white, these sturdy gobos, which come in various sizes can turn a simple lighting scenario into a dynamic presentation.

With over 200 glass patterns and designs to choose from, Rosco gives you complete freedom for the kind of creative shooting you want.

Whether you are creating a scene, setting an atmosphere or to merely enhance an existing set, these gobos, made to exacting standards, supply the feel, function and flexibility that professionals want.

Install dichroic gobos with the coating side towards the lamp Always check with your lighting manufacturer to make sure the Gobo will fit your specific light since the Gobo you order may not be non-returnable. It is also recommended that you find out if a Gobo Holder is required.

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