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Concealer Wheel

NK-xx, SK-xx, CTRW-xx

Ben Nye Special Concealer Color Wheels are a selection of the most popular colors grouped together in a wheel for a flawless natural finish that needs very little powder. SK-1 Cover-All Wheel mutes redness, veins, tattoos, beard shadows and skin discolorations. SK-2 Creme Highlight Wheel is for corrective, beauty, old age and character highlights. SK-3 Creme Shadow Wheel offers contours for beauty, corrective, old age and character designs. SK-11 Tattoo Cover-All Wheel conceals tattoo markings and other color imperfections.

Product Details

  • SK1 contains: MY-2, MO-2, CC-3, FS-3
  • SK2 contains: CH-0, CH-01, CH-2, CH-5
  • SK3 contains: CS-2, CS-3, CS-4, CL-11
  • SK11 contains: MY-3, NB-4, CC-1, NT-2
  • CTRW-1 contains: CTR-05 Peach, CTR-03 Mint, CTR-01 Lavender, CTR-07 Burnt Orange
  • 1oz / 28gm
  • expect 75-200 applications


Tattoo Cover-All Wheel, Shadow Wheel, Highlight Wheel, Cover-All Wheel, Corrector Wheel

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