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Dual RCA to Dual RCA Patch Cable

High quality Patch Cable from ADJ to provide you the flexibility you need to adjust to any situation on the fly. Patch Cables from ADJ are available to fit almost any situation: Dual RCA to Dual RCA, Dual RCA to 1/4", Mini Plug to Dual RCA, Mini Plug to Dual 1/4", Midi Cable.

Make sure that ADJ provides you with your Patch Cables so that you know you are using a long lasting product that won't let you down in those crucial moments. Every musician knows that there is nothing more irritating than not being able to hook up your own equipment into whatever the venue has. Make sure to cover both yourself and any future problems you might have with a proper set of Patch Cables from ADJ.

Dual RCA to Dual RCA Patch Cable Reviews

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