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G3000 Fog Effects Generator


The G3000 is the ultimate fog machine featuring, DMX control, 2000w Dual Core Rapid Change Block, LSG compatibility, low fluid detection, continuous thermal control and a full functional back lit digital remote. The stainless steel body holds a one-gallon jug making it an ideal solution for continuous use in many different applications or environments.

The G3000 Fog Effects Generator has Ultratec's standard One-Year Warranty on all parts and service and a Lifetime Warranty on the heat exchanger.


  • 2000 Watt Dual Core Heating Block
  • LSG Compatibility
  • Electronic Low Fluid Detection
  • Continuous Output
  • Fully Functional Digital Back lit Remote
  • Rapid Change Technology
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Heavy Duty Comfortable Handles
  • One-Gallon Jug Holder


Run Time: Continuous
Reheat Time: 12 minutes
Fluid Consumption: Burst - 320 cc/ min. - Continuous - 80 cc/ min.
Technical Benchmark Spec.: Continuous - 22,400 cfm @ 1 meter visibility;


Burst - 5,600 cfm @ 1 meter visibility

Competitive Comparison: 40,000 cfm


Length: 25 in / 64 cm
Width: 11 in / 28 cm
Height: 11 in / 27 cm
Net Weight: 41 lbs / 18.6 kg
Power Cord: 6 ft - 1.8 m
Heater Watts: 2000 w
Rating: 120 Volt A.C. 50/60 Hz. 17 Amps.
Regulatory Compliance: This product has been certified to CSA/UL Standards by QPS Canada Inc.

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