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Grime FX Powders


Distress costume, skin, prosthetics, hair and props with light-weight, pigment based powders. Apply with brush or pounce bag. Spritz with water, Glycerin or LiquiSet to darken and intensify. May stain fabric; test before use. Expect 60-80 applications per ounce.

-ASH Simulates burnt wood or coal debris.

-COAL (FORMERLY CHARCOAL) Simulates charcoal and grease.

-DIRT Simulates dark brown dirt and soil.

-GRIT Simulates dark soil and debris.

-PLAINS DUST Simulates reddish-brown soil and clay.

-SAND Simulates sand and and light organic debris.

-SLIME Simulates organic and alien debris.

-STONE Simulates cement and industrial debris.

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