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Microphone Cables

Mic Cables from ADJ are a must for any DJ. Whether or not you are casually playing karaoke in the backyard or a professional up on stage, you never want to have your mic cables break. Make sure that they don't with Mic Cables from ADJ.



Available in a variety of sizes these Mic Cables from ADJ are essential to any DJ or Musician out there. There is nothing like having your show stopped because of a Mic Cable that goes bad on you in the middle of a show. 

Trust in ADJ to provide you with top quality XLR to XLR Mic Cables in a variety of lengths. Just like the saying that there can never be enough rope, you can never have enough Mic Cable. It is one of the staples of your show, it's how people hear you and this is a crucial component to that. The XLR to XLR cable by ADJ, top quality, durable and long lasting. 

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