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Opti-Sculpt 40/60


Rosco OPTI-SCULPT Filters provide precise angular beam control – enabling lighting professionals to accurately and affordably control the shape of their light with increased brightness over traditional diffusion filters. Rosco’s unique, proprietary process features engineered light distribution that has been laboratory tested for accuracy and repeatability. 

Thickness: 10mil (254µ)

Substrate: Clear polycarbonate (with flame retardant additive)

Available Sizes:

  • 20"x24" (50cm x 60cm) Sheet – Seamless
  • 40"x24" (100cm x 60cm) Sheet – Seamless 


Thermal Performance:

  • Softening: 320°F (160° C)
  • Melting: 425°F (220° C)


Transmission: >85%.

Flame Retardant Rating: M1, B1, C1, BS3944 PART 1 1992, NFPA 701


Each OPTI-SCULPT Filter has a textured side and a smooth side. In order to achieve the filter's stated beam shape, position the OPTI-SCULPT filter with the smooth side towards the lamp. For the Reversible 40R60 OPTI-SCULPT Filter – position the filter with the smooth side towards the lamp to achieve the 40° beam shape and the textured side of the filter toward the lamp to achieve the 60° beam shape.

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