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Safer Sidearms™


Theatrical sidearms are asked to do a job they were never designed to do.  A typical sidearm is made up of a c-clamp and a piece of ½” pipe.  When downward pressure is placed on the pipe, it  will bend the bolt of the c-clamp permanently and ruin the sidearm.  Our Safer Sidearms utilize a diagonal brace to transfer the load off the clamp and onto the vertical pipe.  They can easily hold 100 lbs. without bending.  Our Steel Safer Sidearms are even bigger and more rugged and are designed for speakers and moving lights.  


NameCat. #
Safer Sidearm Original (uses ½” pipe) 200
Safer Sidearm Original w/ 18” of ½” pipe and one sliding tee 202
Safer Sidearm Original w/ 24” of ½” pipe and two sliding tees 204
Steel Safer Sidearm (uses 1½” pipe, not included) For hanging moving lights or speakers  210 
Better Boom Arm (uses 48mm tube, picture not included)  210M (UK)
1 1/2” pipe (per foot) drilled for safer sidearm 211
Safer Sidearm Junior 220
Pipe end tail down (includes 6’ of 1 ½” pipe) 290



  • Safer Sidearms transfer the load from the lighting fixture back to the structural pipe
  • Safer Sidearm Junior augments a standard sidearm, while the others replace them
  • Steel Safer Sidearm utilizes 1 1 /2” schedule 40 pipe


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