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Source 4WRD LED Retrofit Kit


Source 4WRD LED retrofit is a replacement for a standard Source Four luminaire burner assembly that will convert the

HPL source to an LED. The simple and quick upgrade is non-destructive and takes only minutes. In most cases it can even be done without breaking focus on your luminaire. Source 4WRD LED is theatrically dimmable via DMX or line dimmable to allow flexibility to your installation. And, because it is an LED source, your Source Four luminaires will run
cool and efficiently without lamp replacements.

• Can be fitted to any Source Four ellipsoidal fixture body
• Simple installation and setup
• Available in 80+ CRI and 90+ CRI (Gallery) models
• 3000K color temperature
• DMX and AC dimmable
• 3-year warranty

Color Information: Luminaires are available in Black, White and Silver

Ships With: What ships with the Source 4WRD Retrofit? Source 4WRD Retrofit ships with three-foot, three-wire power leads with bare ends, a threaded guide rail. See below for factory installed connector options ordered separately. Each order also ships with a Data Accessory Kit.

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