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Source Four Lens Tubes


There's only one Source Four® -- the fixture that changed the lighting industry. Source Four combines the energy-saving power of the patented HPL lamp, with a dichroic reflector and optical-quality lenses, for the coolest beam on the market. That means your gels, patterns and shutters last longer and your performance space stays cooler.

• 5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70° and 90° field angles
• Rated up to 750W
• Super efficient HPL lamp
• Interchangeable lens tubes
• Rotating barrel ± 25%
• Tool-free lamp adjustment
• Insulated rear handle
• Supports Dimmer Doubling
• Faceted dichroic reflector removes 90% of IR heat
• Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
• Three-plane stainless-steel shutter blade assembly

Color Information: Luminaires are available in Black, White and Silver

Ships With: What ships with the Lens Tubes? Source Four lens tubes ship with a color frame. Specifically, a 14°, 70°, and 90° lens tubesship a 7.5” color frame.


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