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Turning Base System


This innovative Turning Base System has been designed to house both the LB-RGBW and LB-RGBW-6 light bases. It can also be used by itself with the clear cover provided. Only the top turns. Will support up to 12 lbs. Choose from 1 RPM or 2.5 RPM approximate turning speeds. Power using 4 x AA batteries (sold separately) or the included 6V DC adapter. With battery operation, you can turn displays, table centerpieces, ornamental objects, vases, floral arrangements, cakes, ice sculptures and other objects without a troublesome electrical cord. The Turning Base System will rotate plants so they receive even sunlight! A timer, which can be found in most hardware stores can be added when using the adapter.


  1. Insert either our 3.75” LED light base (Model #LB-RGBW) or our 6” LED light base (Model #LB-RGBW6).
  2. Replace the hard plastic cover.
  3. Place your object on the Turning Base and watch it glow and rotate!


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