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Z-800 II


Antaris Z-Series II adds a new-edge in technology with its slim design Z-800II mobile pro fog machine. Its compact design and ease of operation make this the ideal machine for small venues and DJs.


 The Z-800IIs ECO thermal control system provides a fast heat up time of 100 seconds and produces a steady, continuous fog as long as you needed it. 
 The smoke generated is non-toxic, clean, and odorless and does not leave any residue inside the heater. In addition, the internal spiral shape heater is made of high-tech stainless steel which provides the most effective heat energy transfer. The Z-800II has a highly efficient power control system that allows the fogger to operate at low-level temperatures saving up to 20% electricity.


• Power: AC120 / 60Hz
• 800-Watt Heater
• ECO advanced thermal control system (auto reheat feature)
• Unicore technology
• Output: 3,000 cu. ft/min
• Tank Capacity: 0.8 Liter
• Fluid Consumption Rate: 37 Min. / 0.8 Liter
• Remote Included: Z-10 (Toggle Switch)
• Optional Remotes: Z-40 (Timer Remote), Z-50 (Wireless Remote)
• Weight: 6 lbs. / 3.5 Kg
• Dimensions (LxWxH) 12.5" x 5" x 6.5" / 315x128x166mm
• ETL Listed (U.S. & Canada)

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